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BIOGODS 100% Shilajeet, Asphaltum, Factory Direct Shipping

BIOGODS 100% Shilajeet, Asphaltum, Factory Direct Shipping

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Discover the ancient wellness secret with our 100% Pure Shilajit Powder.

Factory Direct Shipping: 8 - 17 Days

Sourced directly from the pristine altitudes, our Shilajit Powder is the essence of strength and rejuvenation. Available in 50g to 100g options, this natural resin, also known as Asphaltum, is packed with fulvic acid and minerals that promote vitality and overall well-being. Experience the benefits of this potent supplement with our factory direct shipping, ensuring freshness and quality right to your doorstep.


Product Description:

What is Asphaltum (Shilajit) Extract Powder?

Asphaltum, also known as Shilajit in Sanskrit, translates to "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness." It originates from the rocks of the lower Himalayas and is a pivotal natural remedy in Ayurvedic medicine. Fulvic acid is the active principle in Shilajit.
Chemical Constituents and Components: The primary components include 50% fulvic acid, uronic acid, phenolic glucosides, benzopyrones, hippuric acid, biphenyl metabolites, amino acids, phenols, and 85 minerals.

What's the functions?

1.It regulates and controls blood sugar levels and shows hypoglycemic action.
2.It increases the permeability of cell membranes.
3.It accelerates processes of protein and nucleic acid metabolism.
4.It acts as free radical scavenger and reverse damage done by toxic substances.
5.It helps to transport nutrients deep into tissue.
6.It restores electrochemicals balance and supports immune system.
7.It promotes movement of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus and magnesium into muscle tissue and bones.

Ten potential benefits of shilajit:
1. Brain function
2. Aging
3. Anemia
4. Anti-virus
5. Chronic fatigue
6. Liver cancer
7. Obesity
8. Male fertility and testosterone






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